The Winter’s Tale
by William Shakespeare

Production Team

Director Richard Sewell
Set Designer Ray Pellerin
Lighting Designer Edgar A. Cyrus
Costume Designer Deborah Shippee O’Brien
Stage Manager William L. Slutz*


Leontes, King of Bohemia Ted Davis*
Mamilius, his young son Justin Day
Camillo, a councilor Howard Koonce
Antigonus, a lord Nathan Garner
Dion, a lord Raymond Pellerin
Cleomenes, a lord Jeremiah Kissel*
A lord James Bodge
A jailor Paul Connatser
Hermione, Queen Kim Gordon*
Paulina, wife to Antigonus Cecile Mann*
Perdita, lost daughter of Leontes and Hermione Maryann Plunkett*
Emilia, attendant lady Gail Wheeler
A lady, attendant lady Judith Curran
Polixenes, King of Sicily Tim Wheeler
Florizel, his son Jeremiah Kissel*
Archidamus, a lord Robert Libbey
Old Shepherd, the foster father of the lost Perdita James Bodge
Clown, his son Michael O’Brien
Mopsa, shepherdess Judith Curran
Dorcas, shepherdess Gail Wheeler
Shepherd folk Nathan Garner, Paul Connatser, Lisa Brancaccio, Jennifer Meader
Autolycus, a rogue Carl Trone*
Time Richard Sewell*


equity* Member of Actors’ Equity Association.