2021 Reviews

“Monmouth’s ‘Grounded’ is superb, unsettling”

“Monmouth’s resonant “Sofonisba” celebrates an artist with the strength to know herself, and the worth of her art, wherever she goes.”

“Monmouth theater’s ‘Sofonisba’ illuminates story of 16th-century Spanish artist”

Age of Bees presents a powerful gospel: good news that celebrates the simple yet profound graces of blossom, pollen, and fruit, and of our own capacity to adapt, learn, and love.”

“Compelling ‘Crumbs’, Creative Comedy” in Crumbs from the Table of Joy

“When a play’s only characters are two of the most distinguished freedom fighters in American history, words matter more than stage actions.” The Agitators at TAM 

“Sweet and Warmly Entertaining” Daddy Long Legs Opens TAM’s (R)evolutionary Redux Season

2021 Press

TAM to present Much Ado About Nothing to Maine Communities

Fall Series WAR: THEN AND NOW features An Iliad and Grounded Revealing How the War on the Ground Brings Out the War in Ourselves

The Hunger for Creation, Birth and Art, and the Very Real Cost of Both in Sofonisba at Theater at Monmouth

Art Imitates Life in Palmquist’s Coming of Age Drama Age of Bees at TAM

Some Rise by Sin and Others by Virtue Fall in Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure 

A Memory Play about a Black Family, A Glass Menagerie in the Sun, Crumbs from the Table of Joy at TAM

Experience the Historic Clash of Friendship and Ideals in The Agitators

Live Theater Returns, Indoors and Outdoors, to Monmouth

The Secret to Happiness is Revealed in Theater at Monmouth’s Musical Daddy Long Legs

Theater at Monmouth Releases a Flurry of Furry Friends & Fables in Aesop’s Guide to Friendship

Theater at Monmouth Maine’s Classic Theater Returns with the (R)evolutionary Redux Season

Central Maine Entertainment Venues Look to 2021 with Caution & Optimism

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