TAM has provided literature-based education programs in schools and community centers since the Theater’s founding. Education Tours make adaptations of classic literature accessible to a geographically and economically diverse audience. The two main programs are Shakespeare in Maine Communities and Page to Stage.

Shakespeare in Maine Communities
Since 2005, Shakespeare in Maine Communities has taken the Bard on the road through 60 to 90-minute versions of Shakespeare with five to eight actors. Plays are fully designed, rehearsed, and tour for a month to schools and community centers. The target grade levels are middle and high schools. The objectives are to build analytical and literacy skills through the examination of classic literature; to inspire imaginative thinking and foster creativity; to increase confidence, self-esteem, and a sense of community. Previous tours have reached more than 6,000 students. In 2023 TAM will bring Henry IV Part 1 to middle/high schools and community venues. Dates for Shakespeare in Maine Communities 2023 to come.

2023 Shakespeare in Maine Communities Digital Brochure Henry IV Part 1 Coming Soon

Page to Stage Each spring, TAM brings adaptations of classic literature to students across Maine. In 2023 TAM will present The Reluctant Dragon for grades pre-k-8, to deepen understanding of, appreciation for, and connection to classic literature for learners of all ages. Can a clever girl, a brave knight, and a misunderstood dragon find a way to win a fight without actually fighting? The Reluctant Dragon tells the tale of Charity, who meets a tea-drinking, poetry-loving dragon on the edge of town. With the help of the hilarious and heroic Sir Giles, Charity and Denis D. Dragon work together to convince the villagers that a dragon can be friendly. Through this fun and exciting adventure, young audiences learn the importance of teamwork, accepting others, and solving problems together. In 2023, TAM will bring The Reluctant Dragon back into elementary/middle schools and community centers live. Dates for the Page to Stage tour are April 24 through May 19, 2023. From May 22 through 26, groups can attend performances at historic Cumston Hall in here in Monmouth. Residencies can be developed collaboratively or may be adapted from existing models: Page to Stage Workshops and Art of Theatre Extended Residencies.

2023 Page to Stage The Reluctant Dragon Tour Reservation Form 
2023 Page to Stage The Reluctant Dragon Cumston Hall Performances Reservation Form
2023 Page to Stage The Reluctant Dragon Digital Brochure

Resource Guides
Providing background information on the plays, productions, and people of classic plays, Teacher Resource Guides prepare students for touring productions. Common core-aligned activities are included to explore the plays in the classroom before and after the performance. Additional resource guides available upon request.

2022 Shakespeare in Maine Communities As You Like It Teacher Resource Guide
2023 Page to Stage The Reluctant Dragon Teacher Resource Guide coming soon!

For more information contact the Box Office at 207.933.9999 or boxoffice@theateratmonmouth.org