Theater at Monmouth has provided literature-based education and engagement programs since the Theater’s founding through School Programs, Education Tours, and Engagement Initiatives. Their mission is to deepen understanding of, appreciation for, and connection to classic literature.

School Programs: Bring the art and practice of theatre into the classroom to support student learning and teacher professional development. Performance-based Residencies designed collaboratively by teachers and artists, guide students through a deeper exploration of classic texts and address specific classroom and/or curriculum objectives and outcomes. Teacher Resource Guides and Professional Development Workshops provide background information on the plays, productions, and people of classic literature to help teachers prepare students to engage with the plays on the page and the stage.

Education Tours: Increase access to great literature by bringing adaptations of classic works to schools and community centers throughout Maine. Education Tours, including Page to Stage (grades pre-k to 8) and Shakespeare in Maine Communities (middle and high school), challenge learners of all ages to explore the ideas, emotions, and principles contained in great literature and to discover the connection between classic theatre and our modern world. All aspects of the program including in-school workshops, post-performance dialogues, and Teacher Resource Guides integrate the art of making theatre with the humanities focus on history, civic responsibility, and language.

Engagement Programs: Develop an appetite for classic literature and live performance through discussions, dialogues, and dramaturgical materials. TAM offers a variety of programs to engage audiences in a dialogue about the plays and provide an opportunity to explore our work both before and after performances including: Post-Performance Discussions with the Artists following all Sunday evening performances; Director’s Notes on all plays in the program and online; Meet the Artist Interviews and Videos on the blog; and Ticket Discounts providing increased access to the arts for Monmouth residents, families, millennials, teachers, students, and seniors.

Throughout the year, TAM works in partnership with community-based arts, cultural, and educational organizations using theatre and the works of Shakespeare to build community and enhance civic engagement.