The Rivals
by Richard Brinsley Sheridan

Production Team

Director Ted Davis
Set Designer Richard Sewell
Lighting Designer David Kaye
Costume Designer Hillary Derby
Wigs Diane Paxton
Stage Manager Ralph Rosenberg*


Sir Anthony Absolute Timothy Wheeler*
Captain Absolute, his son James Walker
Faulkland, Jack Absolute’s friend Jeremiah A. Kissel*
Sire Lucius O’Trigger, an Irish gentleman James Bodge*
Bob Acres, a country fellow Michael Eugene O’Brien*
Fag John Gagne
David Jeffrey Johnson
Thomas, a coachman Fred Hahn
Mrs. Malaprop Cecile Mann*
Lydia Languish Maryann Plunkett*
Julia Kim Gordon*
Lucy, Lydia’s lady’s maid Gail Wheeler


Harpsichord Marjorie Studdiford


equity*Member of Actor’s Equity Association.