The Merry Wives of Windsor
by William Shakespeare

Production Team

Director Robert Suddards Joyce


Sir John Falstaff John H. Fields
Ford, a gentleman dwelling in Windsor William Meisle
Mistress Ford, his wife Patricia Weyenberg
Page, a gentleman dwelling in Windsor Dennis Kern
Mistress Page, his wife Gwendolyn Brown
Anne Page, their daughter Sharon Morrison
Sir Hugh Evans, a Welsh parson Dennis Nichols
Doctor Caius, a French physician Gary Filsinger
Mistress Quickly, Servant to Caius Jeffa Roddick
Shallow, a country justice Geoffrey Nelson
Abraham Slender, cousin to Shallow James Stephen
Host of the Garter Inn Richard Appleman
Pistol, attending Falstaff John Roddick
Nym, attending Falstaff Christopher Sample
Bardolph, attending Falstaff David Bolduc
Fenton, a gentleman Nicholas Ballas
Simple, servant to Slender Charles Bine
Jack Rugby, servant to Caius Doug Smith
Robin, page to Falstaff Jeffrey Joyce
John, servant to Ford Christopher Sample
Robert, servant to Ford Doug Smith
Hobgoblins Kathryn Meisle, Gabby Sewell