The Lark
by Jean Anouilh

translation by Lillian Hellmen

Production Team

Director Ted Davis*
Set and Lighting Designer Al Cyrus
Costume Construction Deborah Shippee O’Brien
Stage Manager William L. Slutz*


Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick Tim Wheeler
Cauchon, Bishop of Beauvais Carl Trone*
Joan Maryann Plunkett*
Her mother Cecile Mann*
Her father James Bodge
Her brother Edward Phillips
The Promoter Jak Anson
The Inquisitor Howard Koonce
Brother Ladvenu Peter Haydu*
Robert de Beaudricourt James Walker
Anges Sorel Kim Gordon*
The Young Queen Gail Wheeler
Charles, the Dauphin Michael O’Brien
Queen Yolande Cecile Mann*
Archbishop of Rheims Richard Sewell*
Captain LaHire Jak Anson
The Hangman Richard Sewell*
English Soldier James Walker


equity*Member of Actors’ Equity Association