The Imaginary Invalid
by Molière

Translation by Robert Johanson

Production Team

Director and Music Director Robert Johanson
Assistant Director Patricia Daniels
Set Designer Karen Schulz
Costume Designer Joyce Aysta
Lighting Designer Paul Gallo


Argan, an imaginary invalid John H. Fields
Toinette, his maidservant June Helmers
Angelique, his daughter by his first marriage Cheryl Moore
Beline, his second wife Lee McClelland
Monsieur Bonnefoi, a notary Verne Hendrick
Cleante, in love with Angelique Jeffry G. Cismoski
Monsieur Diafoirus, a doctor Ronald Parady
Thomas Diafoirus, his son, almost betrothed to Angelique Aaron Lustig
Louison, Argan’s youngest daughter, by his first marriage Sonia Jones
Beralde, Argan’s brother Dana Mills
Monsieur Fleurant, an apothecary Herman Tuider
Monsieur Purgon, Argan’s doctor Bob Burrus


Argan Herman Tuider
Toinette and Angelique Patricia Daniels
Beralde Matthew Cohen
Diafoirus and Purgon Verne Hendrick
Fleurant Aaron Lustig
Beline Priscilla Entersz
Louison Jaryl Jagoda