Much Ado About Nothing
by William Shakespeare

Production Team

Director Richard Sewell
Set and Lighting Designer Al Cyrus
Costume Designer Florence Rutherford
Stage Manager Willi Slutz-Roomann


Don Pedro, Prince of Aragon Jeremiah Kissel
Don John, his bastard brother Michael O’Brien
Claudio, a young lord of Florence Rab Bell
Benedick, a young lord of Padua Jack Dimonte
Leonato, a magnate of Messina Evan Jeffries
Antonio, Leonato’s old brother David Snizek
Bathasar, a kinsman of Leonato Lewis J. Alessio
Conrade, another such follower Steven Andressen
Friar Francis Christian Mathisen
Dogberry, a constable Carl Trone
Verges, a headborough Tim Wheeler
A Sexton Thomas Ehas
A Drummer boy Mark Morris
Seacoal, a watchman Lee Caldwell
Watchman Bill Borenstein
Watchman James Walker
Hero, daughter to Leonato Kim Gordon
Beatrice, niece to Leonato J.C. Bowers
Margaret, a giddy attendant Charmian Lang
Ursula, another attendant lady Maryann Plunkett