by William Shakespeare

Production Team

Director and Set Designer Christopher E. Rock
Costume Designer Elisabeth L. Tobey
Lighting Designer Christopher E. Rock and Eva Mosley
Stage Manager Megan Schneid


Duncan, King of Scotland Richard Sewell*
Malcolm, his son Peter Husovsky
Donalbain, his son Bret Mosley
Macbeth, a general of the King’s army James Finnegan*
Banquo, a general of the King’s army Michael O’Brien*
Macduff, a nobleman of Scotland Conrad Feininger*
Lennox, a nobleman of Scotland Tom Bigongiari
Ross, a nobleman of Scotland Mitchell Mullen
Mentieth, a nobleman of Scotland Michael O’Brien*
Angus, a nobleman of Scotland Charles Weinstein*
Caithness, a nobleman of Scotland Bret Mosley
Fleance, son to Banquo Jace Harker
Siward, Earl of Northumberland, general of the English forces Jeremiah Kissel*
Young Siward, his son Scott Wood
Seyton, an officer attending on Macbeth Henrik Kromann
Boy, son to Macduff Gavin Sewell
Girl, daughter to Macduff Bronwyn Sewell
Bloody Captain Henrik Kromann
A Porter Jeremiah Kissel*
An Old Man Jim Murphy
A Scotch Doctor Jim Murphy
Lady Macbeth Chloe Leamon*
Lady Macduff Kim Gordon*
Gentlewoman, attending on Lady Macbeth Jessica Givelber
Messenger Randy George
The Weird Sisters, Three witches Jeremiah Kissel*, Dee Pelletier, Sharon Cinnamon


equity*Member of Actors’ Equity Association.