Henry V
by William Shakespeare

Production Team

Director Richard Sewell
Set and Lighting Designer Al Cyrus
Costume Designer Florence Rutherford
Stage Manager Willi Slutz-Roomann


Chorus Evan Jeffries
King Henry the Fifth Christian Mathisen
Duke of Bedford, his brother Bill Borenstein
Duke of Exeter, his uncle Lewis J. Alessio
Earl of Warwick Paul Haggard
Archbishop of Canterbury Lee Caldwell
Bishop of Ely Thomas Ehas
Earl of Cambridge Jeremiah Kissel
Lord Scroop Steven Andressen
Sir Thomas Grey Jeff Skier
Gower, an English captain James Walker
Fluellen, a Welsh captain Willi Slutz-Roomann
Macmorris, an Irish captain Jeff Skier
Michael Williams, a soldier Lee Caldwell
John Bates, another soldier Steven Andressen
Pistol David Snizek
Nym Michael O’Brien
Bardolf Peter Lind
 A Boy Mark Morris
Charles the Sixth of France Thomas Ehas
Lewis the Dauphin Jack Dimonte
Duke of Orleans Rab Bell
The Constable of France Jeremiah Kissel
Montjoy, the Ambassador Tim Wheeler
Rambures, a lord Michael O’Brien
Governor of Harfleur Lee Caldwell
A French Soldier Jeff Skier
A French Page Maria Brown
The Duke of Burgundy Willi Slutz-Roomann
Isabel, Queen of France Charmian Lang
Katherine, Princess of France Kim Gordon
Alice, gentlewoman to the Princess J.C. Bowers
Nell Quickly, wife to Pistol Maryann Plunkett