It’s the end of a great first week here Monmouth, Maine!

From across the country, actors, interns, production and administrative staff members have all descended upon Theater at Monmouth for what promises to be an exciting 43rd season.

Four of our five repertory shows have all begun rehearsals, and our first show, Little Prince, opens next Saturday, June 23!

By now, most of us are settling into a routine and adjusting to a new schedule. While many company members find themselves here this year for a second, third, or even tenth season, for some of us, it’s our first time at TAM (or Maine, for that matter).

TAM is one of the many gems located throughout the Maine and greater New England area. As company members, we work together, we live together, we eat together, we play together. It’s a little like summer camp, but for grownups. We’re all here to do great work and make great art, and it’s a thrill to be able to do that in such a beautiful part of the country. The weather has been warm and sunny, and the lake is just down the road to take advantage of after a long day in the shop or rehearsals.

We each have our own wishlist of adventures we’d like to fit into our schedules while we’re here. There’s been lots of talk of moose sightings, farmers markets, and lobster tasting. We’d love to know what your essential summer in Maine activities are to be sure they’re on our list, too!