by Ben Jonson

Adaptated by Robert A. Potter and Tom Markus

Production Team

Director Tom Markus
Set Designer Joseph A. Varga
Costume Designer Lana Fritz
Lighting Designer Curt Senie

Original Music by Geoff Becker


Volpone, a wealthy merchant, “The Fox” Nick Savian
Mosca, his parasite, “The Fly” Sam Tsoutsouvas
Corbaccio, an old miser, “The Crow” William Preston
Voltore, a lawyer, “The Vulture” Jack Axelrod
Corvino, a young miser, “The Raven” James E. Maxwell
Lapina, a professional, “The Rabbit” Lynn Cohen
Bonario, son to Corbaccio Warren Kelley
Celia, wife to Corvino Valerie von Volz
The Judge Richard De Faut
The Captain Robert Walsh
First Officer Peter Colford
Second Officer Andrew Wiesnet
Clerk of the Court Bronson Alcott Pinchot