Turn of the Screw | June 26 – August 21

By Henry James | Adapted by Jeffrey Hatcher
Directed by James Noel Hoban

Sponsored by Eaton-Peabody-Foundation_logo

A young governess is left to care for two recently orphaned children in a lonely English manor. She begins to see the specters of the former governess and her lover haunting the children and embarks on a macabre journey to save their souls. But what if the ghosts aren’t real?

Production Team

James Noel Hoban
Jim Alexander
Set Designer
seraSera Bourgeau
Costume Designer
Stephen Jones***
Lighting Designer
tippin_rew_webRew Tippin
Sound Designer
Katie Moshier
Stage Manager


marloweMarlowe Holden
The Governess
Jacob Sherbune



***Member of United Scenic Artists, the union of professional theatrical designers in the United States


From the Director

A ghost story. Perhaps the most primal of tales, as old as humankind.

How many of us share memories of gathering in a circle around a fire at night, spectral yarns told in turn? Or perhaps in a bedroom, an impromptu tent of blankets overhead, a flashlight beneath our chin, to conjure tales from beyond; the undiscovered country as Shakespeare would say. There is in each of us I believe, usually suppressed but easily stirred, a fervent desire to know if there is something outside the realm of our five senses and this “too, too solid flesh.” What else, what more? Is there something of us, some passion perhaps that can transcend this mortal coil?


It’s an honor to open a season of Magic, Murder and Mayhem with this brilliant adaptation of the classic Henry James novella. There is, by design, a beautifully spare theatricality to the play. As in any fine ghost story, with words we lay the scene. With words we are drawn into the mystery of the Governess’ fate. All that remains to complete the spell is to add the most magical ingredient of all: your imagination.

Thank you for joining us, under the blanket of dark, to conjure.