The Tempest
by William Shakespeare

Production Team

Director and Set Designer Richard Sewell
Lighting Designer David Kaye
Costume Designer Hillary Derby
Costume Crafts Diane Paxton
Stage Manager Ralph Rosenberg*


Sebastian, brother to the King of Naples James Bodge*
Prospero, former Duke of Milan Timothy Wheeler*
Antonio, usurper Duke of Milan Howard Koonce
Ferdinand, heir to the throne of Naples John Gagne
Gonzalo, an old counselor James Walker
Adrian, a courtier Jeffrey Johnson
Francisco, a courtier David Kaye
Caliban, a demi-devil Ted Davis*
Trinculo, a jester Michael Eugene O’Brien*
Stephano, a drunken butler Jeremiah A. Kissel*
Shipmaster Fred Hahn
Boatswain Paul Connatser
King of Naples Cecil Mann*
Miranda, Prospero’s daughter Gail Wheeler
Ariel, a spirit (Iris in the masque) Maryann Plunkett*
Ceres (in the masque) Kim Gordon*
Juno (in the masque) Melissa Hanson
Sprits Matthew Newton, Sam Saunders, Mary Saunders, Bella Sewall


equity*Members of Actor’s Equity Association.