The Miser
by Molière

Translation by Earl McCarroll

Production Team

Director Earl McCarroll
Music and Lyrics Robert Johanson


Harpagon, a miser John H. Fields
Cleante, his son Robert Johanson
Elise, his daughter Jo Anne Jameson
Valere, valet to Harpagon Patrick Egan
Marianne, in love with Cleante Lee McClelland
Frosine, a woman of intrigue Jacqueline Yancey
LaFleche, valet to Cleante John-Frederick Jones
Maitre Jacques, cook and coachman William Meisle
Maitre Simon, a moneylender Frank Dwyer
Brindavoine, a lackey Matthew Cohen
La Merluche, a serving girl Cheryl Moore
Dame Claude, a housekeeper Margaret Brown
Commissioner of Police Ronald Parady


Harpagon Matthew Cohen
Cleante Tom Lancaster
Elise Cheryle Moore
Jacques Richard Wesp
Valere Tom Recca
LaFleche Richard Ades
Marianne Alice Pratt


Charmian Herd
Judith Sewell
Gabrielle Roseman