The Grapes of Wrath
by John Steinbeck

adapted by Frank Galati

Production Team
Director Jeri Pitcher
Set Designer Marty C. Lynch
Costume Designer Allison Stedman
Lighting Designer Lynne Chase
Sound Designer Andrew Ruiz
Stage Manager Jeff Meyers*
Assistant Stage Manager Deborah G. Lyon
Original Music by the Keach Family
The Joad Family
Tom Richard Price
Pa Timothy Davis-Reed*
Ma Janis Stevens*
Granma Muriel Kenderdine
Grampa Ralph A. Barnes
Noah Kyle Knight
Ruthie Meg Richardson
Uncle John David Greenham
Winfield Andreas Wyder
Rose of Sharon Caroline Hewitt
Connie Rivers, husband to Rose of Sharon Jason Paradine
Al Michael Anthony
The World at Large
Jim Casy, a preacher Mark S. Cartier*
First Narrator, Man Going Back, Deputy Sheriff Henry Bazemore
Muley, Proprietor, Contractor Paul Buxton*
Second Narrator, Elizabeth Sandry, Bookkeeper Kristala Pouncy
Gas Station Owner, Agricultural Officer, Third Narrator, Floyd Knowles Maxim Blowen-Ledoux
Gas Station Attendant, Officer Coleman Nation
Agricultural Officer, Weedpath Director, Dying Man Frank Omar
Floyd’s Wife, Al’s Girl, Fourth Narrator, Aggie Carmel Javaher
Shot Woman, Mrs. Wainwright Diane Wyder
Boy in the Barn Tor O’Brien
Starving Girl JJ Davis-Reed
The Dusty Rambler Band The Keach Family (Stan, Liz, Carrie)


equity*Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the union of professional actors and stage managers in the United States.