We were pleased to have Kathleen Shannon come out and visit us for our H4P1 tech rehearsal! She got a sneak peek of the opening battle and was able to ask director, Dawn McAndrews a few questions about her concept for the production. Check out the video that aired on WCSH6 and WLBZ2.

[brightcove vid=1762355250001&exp3=1684512073001&surl=http://c.brightcove.com/services&pubid=35121342001&pk=AQ~~,AAAACC1lJjE~,eO0k1bjplevyL8YPi3NQccQnZmHFkpb9&lbu=http://www.wlbz2.com/video/default.aspx?bctid=1762355250001&w=300&h=225]