She Stoops to Conquer
by Oliver Goldsmith

Production Team

Director Tom Markus
Set and Lighting Designer Stephen R. Woody


Mr. Hardcastle, an old-fashioned country squire John H. Fields
Mrs. Hardcastle, his wife Cecile Mann
Kate, their daughter Kim Gordon
Tony Lumpkin, Mrs. Hardcastle’s son by a previous marriage Gary Filsinger
Constance Neville, Mrs. Hardcastle’s niece Michele DeLattre
Sir Charles Marlowe, Hardcastle’s friend Lawrence Cappiello
Young Charles Marlowe, his son Michael Raymond
George Hastings, Marlowe’s friend, in love with Constance John Tormey
Stingo, host of Three Pigeons Tavern Al DeChristo
Dick, Tony Lumpkin’s drinking friend Michael Morrison
Tom, Tony Lumpkin’s drinking friend Christopher Houston
Jack, Tony Lumpkin’s drinking friend Kevin Cavenah
Diggory, Mr. Hardcastle’s servant Michel Kinter
Roger, Mr. Hardcastle’s servant Tim Wheeler
Thomas, Mr. Hardcastle’s servant Kenneth Campbell
Pimple, Mr. Hardcastle’s servant Jenny Holan
Jeremy, young Marlowe’s servant Christopher Houston
Footmen Kenneth Campbell,  Christopher Houston