Romeo & Juliet
by William Shakespeare

Production Team

Director Robert Suddards Joyce
Set and Lighting Designer Charles W. Bousliman, II
Costume Designer Wendy Wells
Costumer Susan Gary Collis
Costume Mistress Virginia Buhr
Production Director John Holman Bagley
Stage Manager Joseph Zais
Fight and Dance Choreographer Peter Michael Webster


Sampson, servant to Capulet Thomas J. Stone
Gregory, servant to Capulet Juris Valters
Abram, servant to Montague Terry Wallace
Bathasar, servant to Montague Jamie Isaacson
Tybalt, nephew to Capulet’s Wife Joel Robertson
Benvolio, nephew to Montague
and friend to Romeo
Michael Crosby
Capulet Laurie Becker
Lady Capulet Charmian Herd
Montague Dennis Kern
Lady Montague Theo Flickinger
Escalus, Prince of Verona Gary Filsinger
Romeo, son to Montague Peter Michael Webster
Paris, Kinsman to the Prince James Stephen
Peter, servant to the Capulets Jamie Isaacson
Nurse to Juliet Davida Manning
Juliet, daughter to Capulet Lee McClelland
Mercutio, Kinsman to the Prince and Friend to Romeo John H. Fields
Friar Lawrence William Meisle
Apothecary Richard Sewell
Friar John Terry Wallace
Chief Watchman Juris Valters
Watchman Richard Sewell
Page to Paris Jamie Isaacson
Gentlewoman Katie Valters, Joan Juan

Production Crew

Laurie Becker

Virginia Buhr

Charlene Bennett

James Isaacson

Joan Juan

William Judson

Dennis Kern

Susan Kingsbury

Pauline Flagg

Christine Heckman

Anne Pooler

Joel Robertson

James Stephen

Rock Stone

Mary Ellen Romberg

Terry Wallace

Katie Valters

Juris Valters

Hollis Zais

Joseph Zais

Sally Kirtley

Dottie Young

Kathy Jacobson

Theo Flickinger

Kathy Prario