Puss in Boots | July 2 – August 18

by Dawn McAndrews
directed by Stacey Mancine Koloski

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A poor miller’s son, homeless and helpless, has his life changed when the sassiest cat in all of France, Puss in Boots, comes up with a clever plan to change his fortune. All she needs is a fabulous pair of boots and his faith in her. The miller’s son is taken on the adventure of his life but soon learns that one little white lie can become a giant furball! Just how far will this cunning cat go to live the high life of a Parisian cat?

Production Team

Stacey Mancine Koloski
Dan Bilodeau
Set Designer
de hoyos_roberto
Robert De Hoyos
Costume Designer
ankrom_jpJP Ankrom
Lighting Designer
Rew Tippin
Sound Designer
Amanda Klute
Stage Manager


Erica Murphy
Gaia/Lawyer/Ms. Ogré/ Duchess
Joe Mariani
Charles/ Mr.Ogré
Kelsey Burke
Jeanne / Lady Dijon
Alan Estes
Isabella Etro
Puss in Boots

From the Director

ONCE UPON A TIME, many, many, ?years before Charles Perrault set pen to paper, traditional stories were passed from generation to generation only through the magic of live, dramatic storytelling. Before any definitive versions were written, these tales were likely re-told (or performed!) for thousands of years… evolving and adapting to reflect the ever-changing cultures and sensibilities of the storytellers’ contemporary world. The familiar folktales, fables and fairy tales we enjoy today have a long, indistinct history that is as mysterious and magical as the stories themselves.

When Puss in Boots appeared in print for the first time—in Perrault’s 1697 Tales and Stories of the Past with Morals—France was in the “Age of Absolutism.” Kings had absolute rule over all of their people, and the only path to personal advancement was to earn the favor of the King. It is easy to imagine how Perrault was able to engage his contemporary audience with a story about a clever cat (in boots!) skillfully deceiving a King into bestowing favors on the cat’s master—a penniless, untitled miller’s son.

The lesson in Perrault’s story from over 300 years ago places diligence and ingenuity over honesty and courage, which may challenge the moral compass of many modern readers.?Our Puss in Boots will be a familiar tale. There will be plenty of colorful characters facing plenty of entertaining moral dilemmas. There will be magic …and there will be boots! But there will also be new twists and unexpected turns. We may even borrow from other Perrault fairy tales as we search for our HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

This production of Puss in Boots is a celebration and continuation of the rich tradition of storytelling. Thank you for joining us as we re-tell a time-honored fairy tale to reflect the culture and sensibility of our modern world… as storytellers have done for centuries before us.