What do an unproven king, a swordsman with an astonishing nose, four pairs of lovers running amuck, and two meddling fathers with wayward children have in common? They are all part of TAM’s 47th Vive la France season featuring plays that simmer, sizzle, and surprise. That’s right a whole lot of French style is in store for 2016—so unleash your inner Francophile and subscribe! Click here to view our 2016 digital brochure!


by Edmond Rostand, adapted by Jo Roets
Directed by Tess Van Horn
Cyrano de Bergerac is a master of swordplay and wordplay, but a “magnificent Mount Everest of a nose” blocks his path to true love. From Parisian balconies to bloody battlefields, tongue-tied Christian borrows Cyrano’s words to woo beautiful Roxane—but is she falling for Christian’s looks or Cyrano’s soul? A cast of three triangulates this classic into a lightning-paced romance of duels, panache, sacrifice, and one enormous schnoz.

Love’s Labor’s Lost
by William Shakespeare
Directed by Dawn McAndrews
The King of Navarre and his friends vow to spend three years in serious study, giving up sleep, food, and women. How inconvenient, then, that the Princess of France shows up with ladies-in-waiting to sway them from their vows. To avoid the temptation, the King orders that they be housed in a nearby field. In typical Shakespeare fashion, letters of love go misdirected and subplots abound—until a twist of fate makes the men keep their vows.

The Barber of Seville
by Pierre Beaumarchais
Directed by Matthew Arbour
Count Almaviva has fallen in love with Rosine, but she’s been locked in the house by her guardian, who has his own matrimonial plans for her. What’s a Count to do? Fortunately, the crafty Figaro is on hand to help sort everything out—or maybe to complicate it further! Lush, lively, and a little bit naughty, Beaumarchais’ comic romp is chock full of hilarious misunderstandings, disguises, and sumptuous period costumes.

Henry V
by William Shakespeare
Directed by Joseph Discher
A gifted young English king makes a rash decision to go to war. Against overwhelming odds, Henry V achieves heroic stature, leading his country to victory, conquering France and winning its princess. But there’s a terrible cost in human life and ruthless acts of moral ambiguity. In a propulsive, provocative production with contemporary resonances, Shakespeare’s rousing history crowns Henry’s complicated three-play journey from disaffected prince to legendary king.

The Illusion
by Pierre Corneille, adapted by Tony Kushner
Directed by Davis Robinson
In a story that explores what is reality and what is not, an anxious father seeks to reunite with his estranged son and enlists the services of a powerful sorcerer who conjures up provocative visions of the romantic, adventurous, and perilous life the young man has been living. The Illusion, freely adapted from Pierre Corneille’s L’Illusion Comique, is Kushner’s most joyfully theatrical play, a wildly entertaining tale of passion and regret, of love, disillusionment, and magic.

Puss in Boots | Family Show
by Charles Perrault,
adapted by Dawn McAndrews
Directed by Stacey Mancine Koloski
A poor miller’s son, homeless and helpless, has his life changed when the smartest cat in all of France, Puss in Boots, comes up with a clever plan to change his fortune. All she needs is a pair of leather boots and his faith in her. The miller’s son is taken on the adventure of his life but soon learns that one little white lie can become a giant furball! Just how far will this cunning cat go to live the high life of a palace cat?

Boeing Boeing | Fall Play
by Marc Camoletti
directed by Dawn McAndrews
It’s the 1960s, and swinging bachelor Bernard couldn’t be happier: a flat in Paris and three gorgeous stewardesses all engaged to be married…to him. But his perfect life hits the skids when a new, speedier Boeing jet throws off his careful fiancé scheduling. Soon all three stewardesses are in town simultaneously and catastrophe looms. Fasten your seat belts it’s going to be a riotously raucous ride!