periclesPericles, Prince of Tyre
by William Shakespeare

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The Sedgley Place
Turner Publishing
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Production Team
Director Jeri Pitcher
Set Designer Dan Bilodeau
Costume Designer Jonna Klaiber
Lighting Designer Lynne Chase
Sound Designer Rew Tippin
Props Designer Rachel Slotnick
Stage Manager Jeff Meyers*
Assistant Stage Managers Becky J. Doster
Fight Director Angela Bonacasa
Gower/Diana Sheila Stasack*
Pericle Torsten Hillhouse*
Marina Clare Brower
Antichous David Greenham
Daughter Meggie Doyle
Thailiard Donte Fitzgerald
Helicanes Mark S. Cartier*
Escanes James LeFurgy
Cleon Gene D’Alessandro*
Dionyza Annie Rubino
Leonine Brian Bell
Simonides Dustin Tucker*
Thaisa Grace Trull
Lychorida Elizabeth Helitzer
Cerimon Sheila Stasack*
Philemon Meggie Doyle
Lysimachus Mike Anthony*
Pander James LeFurgy
Bawd Elizabeth Helitzer
Bolt Donte Fitzgerald
Ensemble Julie Fogh, Maarouf Naboulsi, Brian Bell, Meggie Doyle, Heather Scammon, Maya Tepler, Autumn Sutton, Matt Bessette


Actor's Equity Association*Member of Actor’s Equity Association, the union of professional actors and stage managers in the United States.