“Stunning….sexy….supple…superb.” Megan Grumbling from the Portland Phoenix has some great things to say about Henry IV, Part 1. What a season!

Monmouth’s Henry IV is stunning

No Shallow Hal

By MEGAN GRUMBLING  |  August 1, 2012

“Shakespeare’s Henry IV is considered one of his “histories,” as it enacts actual acts and battles of the British king who deposed Richard II. But its complex logistics of alliances and rebellion also form a vessel in which play out some of the Bard’s most sophisticated and satisfying relationships: the King (Thomas Anthony Quinn) and his son Prince Hal (Chris Allen), who has lately displeased him by slumming it in the taverns; Hal and his surrogate father, the legendary fat drunkard Falstaff (Bill Van Horn); Hal and his foil Henry Percy (Dustin Tucker) a young rebel whose bravery the King wishes were of his own spawn. In Shakespeare’s gorgeous language and characterizations, Henry IV presents not just a complicated history but a rich treatment of family, loyalty, and honor. Lovers of the Bard should not miss the superb production of Henry IV, Part 1, at Theater at Monmouth, under the direction of the company’s new Producing Artistic Director, Dawn McAndrews.”


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