We look to the past to shape our future. Who are you? Where are you going from here?

My name is Adam P. Blais and I am a Maine based Director, Choreographer, and Educator. One of my earliest theatrical memories is attending a student matinee of Non-stop Aesop right here at Theater at Monmouth, and I could not be happier to continue the tradition of bringing live theatre to the beautiful state of Maine.

What most excites you about being a part of TAM’s 50th Anniversary Season?

Words cannot adequately express how excited I am to be participating in TAM’s 50th Anniversary Season. I have been a part of the Theater at Monmouth community for eight consecutive seasons, and am constantly amazed by all that the organization and its contributing artists have achieved. I look forward to celebrating the organization’s rich history and am anxious to bear witness to the productions that make up TAM’s landmark 50th Anniversary Season.

On a personal note, I am equally excited to bring Kellen Blair and Joe Kinosian’s riotous musical murder mystery Murder for Two to Cumston Hall. This unique and challenging piece is unlike anything seen before at the Theater at Monmouth, and I am hopeful that audiences will fall in love with the piece just as I have.

We’re all about making old things new and new things classic. Why are you drawn to Classic Theatre? How do you shake it up?

Classical Theatre continues to inspire and inform contemporary artists. We are educated by past work, and reminded of the opportunity that exists in each future production.

When tackling a piece of classic theatre, it is always my aim to look at the material through a contemporary lens. Focusing on the theatrical genealogy of a piece, I am able to identify and explore the ways in which classic plays have inspired contemporary works, and then use this information to create a fresh and vibrant theatrical experience.

Who inspires you and why?

The list of individuals who inspire me is constantly changing and evolving. One moment I may find myself inspired by a family member, friend, or my significant other, and the next moment I may find myself inspired by a colleague, student, or total stranger.

You can have dinner with any three influential people. Who are your dream guests, why them, and what is the topic of conversation?

I always find questions like this extremely challenging, as it is impossible to identify three guests who adequately capture the wide range of time and knowledge that I wish to acquire. For that reason I am going to cheat and answer the question as it pertains to my current project here at TAM, Murder for Two.

Playwrights Kinosian and Blair have credited three individuals for inspiring their hit musical Murder for Two. Agatha Christie, the Marx Brothers, and composer and lyricist Frank Loesser (Guys and Dolls, How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying). It would be a tremendous opportunity to sit down with these individuals and converse about their artistic processes, their failures and successes, the evolution of entertainment, and what they hope to leave future generations of artists.

What recent accomplishment are you most proud of?

I am most proud of the work that I have accomplished as a theatrical educator. While it was never my intention to work with middle and high school aged artists, I can now confidently say that my time as a theater educator has greatly enhanced both who I am as an artist, and as an individual.

What’s your super power?

Time Management. I am oddly skilled at being able to accomplish enormous tasks in a small amount of time. I should also mention that I poses energy that would rival the Energizer Bunny.