Sally Wood, Director of The Learned Ladies

Sally Wood, Director of           The Learned Ladies

What’s your “deal?”
I am extremely visual. I like good hearted, funny people. I hate the act of traveling but love it once I get there. I am a well -intentioned yet horrible cook. I struggle with commas.

Tell us a little bit about your path to directing.
I was NEVER going to be a director. Never in a million years. Once long ago I was told by a dream crusher in authority that I would never have a professional acting career but that I should consider going into directing. Well, my immediate response was “Over my dead body will I EVER direct!!!”  The truth was that I loved to direct. Telling a story, getting creative people to do good work came easy. But I showed that guy. I refused to get anywhere near it for 10 years.

What fuels you creatively or what is your super power?
My super power…hmmm. I think energy.

Sally Wood at world premier of Monica Wood's Papermaker

Sally Wood at world premier of Monica Wood’s Papermaker

What made you say yes to directing The Learned Ladies and what part of it gets you excited?
Originally Dawn asked me to look at a different piece. I read the other and thought “Wow…wow, I would stink at this. I am not at all what this play needs.” So we had coffee, I confessed and we laughed. We then had a great discussion about other material that excited us and Dawn mentioned “The Learned Ladies.”

“I love that play!!!” I cried.

But I thought we were only talking hypothetically. In my mind, the season had already been set. I was really shocked when Dawn said: “I love it too, let’s do it.”

Taming of The Shrew at TAM, 2013.

Taming of The Shrew at TAM, 2013.

Who is your favorite playwright and why?
This week it is Tennessee Williams. Mostly for his stage directions. Magic.

What did you care most about when you were 10 years old?
Michael Martin. He was lovely. I never told him.

Describe yourself in three alliterative words. 
Eager, Energetic, and Emerging.