What’s your deal? Who are you and what’s your story

I’m not a girl; not yet a woman. All I need is time. I’m KP, a city boy from St. Louis. I love writing, stand-up comedy, rapping, acting, and anything that involves the art of story telling

What most excites you about in taking on this acting opportunity at TAM?

I love meeting new people in the business, making connections, makes memories, and seeing more of the world.

Why Shakespeare (or classic theatre)?

If I love telling stories where do I go? To the man with the best stories and the best words. Plus the characters are allowed to be huge and larger than life and still human. Everything is life or death. I NEED to see Romeo again. I NEED to be king. I NEED to avenge my father.

Who is your role model, and why?

Me. Cause only I can decide what kind of life I wanna live. And once I’ve decided, I need to live it. Also Lin Manuel Miranda. Cause he has the same hours in a day as me and is able to do more than I can fathom, so I’m coming for his gig.

You can have dinner with any three powerful women in history. Who would you choose and why?

Marsha P. Johnson, Michelle Obama, Sally Field. They all have something I want more of and I want to ask them how they got it. Courage, ingenuity, talent

What is your super power?

I get free food and drinks pretty regularly from establishments. Charm and eye contact go a long way.

Describe yourself in three alliterative words.

Charismatic, Kind, Comical