We look to the past to shape our future. Who are you? Where are you going from here?

I’m a young black artist through and through. I paint, sculpt, and digitally design, but my bread and butter is Scene Design and Scenic Art. I was born and raised in Atlanta and graduated from UNCSA. I’m headed in all kinds of directions, I like to let life lead me and experience whatever is presented, but at the moment I’m headed toward DC to work in a fellowship.

What most excites you about being a part of TAM’s (R)evolutionary Redux Season?

I’m most excited by being able to create and teach through a story again.Especially stories that even though stem from old topics and situations, are still relevant.

We’re all about making old things new and new things classic. Why are you drawn to Classic Theatre? How do you shake it up?

I’m drawn to the oldest connection between entertainment and a viewer. I love the relationship between actor and audience that transports both into a different space where nothing else seems to matter. I try and shake it up by trying to break the barrier that we set in theater. Taking the extra step to draw the audience into the moment.

From what sources do you draw your inspiration?

I try and draw inspiration from everything. All my experiences have some impact on my work whether intentional or not.

You can have dinner with any three influential people. Who are your dream guests, why them, and what is the topic of conversation?

I would love to have dinner with Assata Shakur, Lakeith Stanfield, and Issa Rae to talk about what they think the truth behind society is. They’ve contributed to history by speaking their truth and being unashamed in their life. I think these people would have the most interesting opinions on the way society works.

What recent revolutionary acts are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of the string of protests that swept across the country in the past year. It meant a lot that people realized that together we can make change. I hope we can keep that energy.

What’s your super power?

My super power is sniffing out the nonsense.