Measure for Measure
by William Shakespeare

Production Team

Director Richard Sewell
Set Designer Stephen R. Woody
Costume Designer Florence L. Rutherford
Lighting Designer Stephen R. Woody
Composer Michael Morrison


Vincentio, the Duke John H. Fields
Angelo, the deputy Lawrence Cappiello
Escalus, an ancient Lord Michel Kinter
Claudio, a young gentleman Michael Raymond
Lucio, a fantastic Gary Filsinger
1st Gentleman Al DeChristo
2nd Gentleman Peter Lind
Provost Kevin Cavenah
Peter, a friar Tim Wheeler
Justice Michael Morrison
Elbow, a simple constable Kenneth Campbell
Froth, a foolish gentleman Christopher Houston
Pompey, a clown and servant to Mistress Overdone John Tormey
Abhorson, an executioner Al DeChristo
Barnardine, a dissolute prisoner Michael Morrison
Officer Bruce Martel
Isabella, sister to Claudio Cecile Mann
Mariana, bethrothed to Angelo Linda Rice
Juliet, beloved to Claudio Patricia Minot
Francisca, a nun Jennifer Holan
Mistress Overdone, a bawd Charmian Herd
Singer Jennifer Holan
Whores Kim Gordon, Jennifer Holan


Lute, mandolin, percussion Michael Morrison
Soprano and tenor recorders Jenny Holan
Alto recorder Mary Pettingill
Percussion Patricia Minot