What do company members Isabella Coulombe, Anna Doyle, and Michael Dix Thomas all have in common? Not only do they all share a passion for theatre, but also all three were born and raised here in Maine!

One thing the trio can agree upon is how lucky they are to be able to live in such a gorgeous region of the country. “I love that I live in a place with seasons!” says Doyle. “You can go hiking or apple picking or go to the beach.” Not to mention that breathtaking view and as Thomas mentions, the “overwhelming effect of looking at the ocean.” Coulombe has a whole list of why she loves her summers in Maine! “Theatre in the summer, oceans, lakes, our camp on the lake, tubing, swimming, boating, fishing, campfires, heavily wooded areas, wildlife, and the people of Maine.”


Tales from the Blue Fairy Book featuring Isabella Coulombe, Graham Emmons, Michael Dix Thomas, Ardarius Blakely, and Anna Doyle

Isabella, from Litchfield, is a 12-year-old up and coming actress who loves performing for “the thrill of [the audience’s] laughter,” and explains that “laughing is a great and important part of our lives.” Truly a Jill-Of-All-Trades, she spends her time outside of theatre on “piano, flute, cross country, swimming, tubing, boating, and Gifted & Talented classes.” With her eyes set on the silver screen, Isabella’s plan for the future is to “become a movie actress in big movies. I’m very glad that I’m getting a head-start with such awesome people right now!” Having already appeared in the Maine-produced film Anniversary, Isabella is well on her way.

Anna, a Winthrop native, is a Theatre Major at Colby College where she’ll embark on her final year of undergrad next fall. This summer, with Tales from the Blue Fairy Book, A Woman of No Importance, As You Like It, and What the Butler Saw, she has plenty to keep her busy! As she says, “summer repertory is all about keeping your characters straight.” Of all the many roles she’s played, “Geraldine from What the Butler Saw [has] definitely been the most fun I’ve had with a part. We spend rehearsal time just talking and laughing!” As far as plans for her postgrad-life: “I’ve been thinking about moving to Chicago but that might change. I would love to go out West. I see myself in Oregon. I’m thinking of applying to the Walnut Theatre Professional Apprenticeship Program in Philadelphia but we’ll see!” With all this talk of travel, she’s not planning on leaving Maine for good. “I want to live other places but I’m definitely going to come back when I’m old!”


Anna Doyle and Ardarius Blakely meeting audiences after a show

Michael, who was born in Portland, raised in Cumberland, has lived in a great many places on the East Coast before finally deciding to settle down in Portland. After his sister called him up offering a part in a play, the show turned into a company and ultimately kept him here. While he explains that there’s a “lack of competition” in the arts community of Portland, one of the reasons he’s still around are the different performance opportunities offered (ie. film, visual art, music, as well as theatre) that are harder to come by in larger cities. Currently, he’s kept busy with a theatre company in Portland that he runs with friends called Lorem Ipsum where they focus on new works, both scripted and devised.

Whether it’s creating new work, acting for the stage, or acting for film, acting has touched the lives of these Maine natives and brought them to the TAM stage this summer. The camaraderie is apparent as soon as the actors walk on stage and breathe life into a new story each night. Don’t miss your chance to support Maine’s local talent throughout August.

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Kari Litteer, Arts Administration Intern