Great Expectations
by Charles Dickens

adapted by Ted Davis with additional material by Timothy Wheeler

Production Team
Directors Timothy Wheeler,Ted Davis
Set Designer Robert Sypitkowski
Costume Designer Hillary Derby
Lighting Designer David Kaye
Stage Manager Ralph Rosenberg*
Pip Ted Davis*
Young Pip, a boy of the village Matthew Ranks
Abel Magwitch, an escaped convict Timothy Wheeler*
Joe Gargery, a blacksmith Michael Eugene O’Brien*
Mrs. Joe, Pip’s old sister Kim Gordon*
Compeyson, another escaped convict Jeremiah Kissel*
Mr. Wopsle, clerk at the church James Bodge*
Young Biddy, distant relation to Mr. Wopsle Mary Saunders
Captain of village militia Robert Paret
Solider in village militia Bill Borenstein
Young Estella, ward of Miss Hayisham Gail Wheeler
Miss Havisham, a lady of wealth in the village Cecile Mann*
Mr. Jaggers, a lawyer in London Jeremiah Kissel*
Young Herbert Pocket, a distant relation of Miss Hayisham Sam Saunders
Estella, a lady in society Melissa Hanson
Biddy, friend to the Gargerys Gail Wheeler
Wemmick, Jaggers’ clerk James Bodge*
Molly, Servant to Jaggers Kim Gordon*
Herbert Pocket, Pip’s friend and companion James L. Walker*
Avenger, boy in service to Pip Matthew Ranks*
Bentley Dummle Frederick Hahn
Aged Parent Michael Eugene O’Brien*
Mr. Trabb, the village undertaker Bill Borenstein
Captain in boat Bill Borenstein
Office in boat Robert Paret
A Man in Jaggers’ Office Robert Paret


equity*Members of Actor’s Equity Association.