Fool of the World and the Flying Ship | June 27 – August 20

Adapted by Dawn McAndrews
Directed by Ian Carlsen

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Few people had faith in the Fool of the World. But the Fool of the World was determined to prove everyone wrong. When the Czar declares he will marry his daughter to the man who brings him a flying ship, the Fool sets off on an adventure to change his life. Along the way he learns the power of believing in yourself, the value of friendship, and the importance of following your dreams.

Production Team

Carlsen_Ian_webIan Carlsen
Stacey Koloski
Set Designer
Handley_Michelle_webMichelle Handley
Costume Designer
Pratt_JM_webJM Pratt
Lighting Designer
tippin_rew_webRew Tippin
Sound Designer
Begley_Michelle_webMichele Begley
Stage Manager


samuels_leighton_webLeighton Samuels Sergei, Chamberlain, Hopper Thomas_MichaelDix_webMichael Dix Thomas Boris, Czar, Archer, Strawman Blaustein_Andy_webAndy Blaustein
The Fool
Erica Murphy
Narrator, Sophia, 
Williamson_Olivia_webOlivia Williamson Mother, Listener, Glutton



From the Director

For me, the best thing about adapting fairy tales for a modern audience is wrestling with their lopsidedness. The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship contains superhuman characters, fantastical objects, and ancient nobility, yet the central character is the titular fool, Dimitri, who – though he does have his merits – is rather aptly named. He is the Fool of the World, bumbling, clumsy, a bit dopey, but charming kindhearted and in the long run, relatable. How many times have we all felt a little like Dimitri: surrounded by peers who feel like your betters, shouldering a responsibility larger than you ever expected to handle, and having to go for broke on the task ahead?

This fairy tale has been used to teach many lessons since it first appeared in 1894, in Andrew Lang’s The Yellow Fairy Book – and ostensibly even further back, as a fireside story told by parents to curious children. In this re-telling, we hope to show you that the secret to Dimitri’s success is not in possessing incredible skill or power. Instead, his success comes from facing each event with an open mind, an open heart, and surrounding himself with people who believe in him. These three things are worth more than all the Tsar’s gold in this difficult and unpredictable world.

And if you happen to have a magical ship? Well, that might help too.