SEASON 49: ROAR! The Year of the Woman

Season 49 celebrates a world of wily, wicked, and wonderful women through classic literature’s most fantastic females. From fierce matriarchs to unfaithful wives and every Madonna in-between, ROAR! The Year of the Woman season spotlights the ladies who move mountains for their families, friends, and most importantly, themselves. Taking on tyrants, freeloaders, and faithless frauds these femme fatales fight for what they believe in, charting a course to a better world for their sisters and daughters.

Richard III by William Shakespeare
Crowned by means of shameless seduction, lies, and bloodshed, Richard Plantagenet makes the happy earth his hell as he carves a bloody swath through all that stand in his way. Shakespeare’s “game of thrones” concludes the “War of the Roses” play cycle with one of literature’s most ruthless, remorseless, and relentless characters.

Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare
Separated from her twin brother and washed ashore in Illyria, Viola dons an alter ego and apprentices herself to Duke Orsino. Misplaced affections and misunderstood intentions abound when she becomes the object of desire to the woman she is sent to woo! Time may correct the course of these misguided lovers but not before all are bewitched in this enchanting comedy.

Pride@Prejudice by Daniel Elihu Kramer
Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy fall in love all over again—filtered through the world of the internet.
Contemporary voices interject and build on this classic love story in blogs, quotes from films, and letters from Ms. Austen herself reveling in a delightfully postmodern view of 19th-century England. Pride@Prejudice is a hilarious and moving homage to Austen’s beloved novel, as well as a love affair with reading.

Enchanted April by Matthew Barber
Feeling lost in the shadows of marriage and post-WWI society, two London housewives rent a villa in Italy for a ladies-only holiday, reluctantly recruiting a pair of difficult upper-class women to share the expense andexperience. Under the Mediterranean sun, the women clash, bond, and bloom, ultimately finding their lost selves in the garden of earthly delights.

Dial “M” for Murder by Frederick Knott
A retired tennis pro plots the murder of his unfaithful wife—but when she turns the tables on her attemptedassailant, she is convicted of murder. Can the police detective who brought her to trial now decipher the clues that will save her life? The play that inspired Hitchcock’s suspense classic weaves an ever-tightening web of danger and deception.

The True Story of Little Red adapted by Dawn McAndrews
We all know the story of Little Red, who set off through the woods to bring sick Grammy some bread. But what if Red wasn’t so sweet, and Grammy not helpless but strong, the Woodsman a bully, and the Wolf the top dog? So how do we know which version of the story is true? In the end we’ll leave that decision to you.

Pirates of Penzance by Gilbert & Sullivan
Gilbert and Sullivan’s hilarious farce is packed full of sentimental pirates, bumbling British Bobbies, and
improbable paradoxes. Join the band of swashbuckling buccaneers, Victorian maidens, and the delightful “model of a modern Major-General” for a rollicking romp over the rocky coast of Cornwall.

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