What’s your deal? Who are you and what’s your story?

I am film and stage actor based out of NYC, born and raised in Lawrence, Kansas. I had never been to New York City until I moved there for college (Fordham University at Lincoln Center). After graduating, I’ve been working as an actor, both in the city and across the country at regional theaters (including two shows at Good Theater in Portland, ME!).

As an actor, I love turning empathy into an art form. I work to understand the experiences and choices of people completely unlike myself, to reflect the broad, specific spectrum of the human experience, and to enlighten audiences with unexpected moments of humanity. Especially in the theater, I enjoy engaging with all different communities, and getting the chance to play and grow together.

What most excites you about in taking on this opportunity at TAM?

At TAM, I am most excited to be working with such a strong ensemble and company. Between six shows, three months and the occasional twelve-hour days, we are going to be a tight-knit motley crew and I can’t wait to see what we can make together and what I learn from my fellow company members.

Why Shakespeare (or classic theatre)?

There are myriad answers to the question “Why Shakespeare?”, from the timeless themes, rich characters, and quintessential plots. However, at this moment in time, it is Shakespeare’s language that holds the most power. We are at a time where words can have multiple, complex meanings or sometimes lose any meaning at all. To embody, to speak and to listen to a writer’s words that have lasted generations and transcended their own history is a powerful reminder of the capacity of words to speak to us, speak through us, and speak for us.

Who is your role model, and why?

Tina Benko (Ivo Van Hove’s The Crucible, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) was my acting teacher all through Fordham. The lessons she teaches in workshops and the classroom and the exemplary nature of her professional work are guiding lights for me as an actor. She knows how to encourage an actor’s strengths, but also when to call them on their bad habits. She will push you to places you’ve never been before, while supporting and guiding you every step of the way.

You can have dinner with any three powerful women in history. Who would you choose and why?

Alice Walker, because The Color Purple changed my life (her description of God nearly changed my agnostic outlook);

Gertrude Stein, because her genius, outlook, and influence shaped the Modern Era (and just imagine the stories she could tell…);

and Katharine Hepburn, because, COME ON! It’s Katharine Hepburn.

What is your super power?

You know those cookies on the top shelf? Yeah, I can grab those for you. (Yet, I can also fit surprisingly well into the trunk of a car).

Describe yourself in three alliterative words?

Monstrous, Meditative, Midwesterner.